Car got Towed

Reasons why your Car got Towed  

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The road is for everyone, for pedestrians and for motorists alike. There is a certain set of rules that should be followed to ensure that everybody can get along well, without getting into any accidents or hurting themselves in the process. This is the reason why when there are violations to traffic rules expect a speedy address of it. You can’t be risking other people’s live because you didn’t follow the rules. So, that would be one of the reasons why a Mississauga towing truck had to remove your car immediately even without your consent. 

Car got Towed

So, here are the reasons why your car got towed without first securing your permission or authorization.  

Illegal Parking 

When you park your car in a place when there is clearly a sign saying, you shouldn’t park your car in it. You put yourself in the place where you’re practically asking for it to get towed. When the government put in a sign that you shouldn’t park on it, there is a reason for that. Most of the time it is for the safety of both you and the pedestrians walking around, as mentioned before. That is why when you are parked illegally you will most likely find your car getting towed out of the way.  

Expired Registration 

When your cars registration is expired you will most likely find your car getting towed out of the way. Same goes to cars that have unlicensed drivers driving it. There is a reason why you have to get a registration or why you should be licensed when driving to it. So, when your car isn’t registered yet you should not wait for it to expire and if you didn’t have the time, you should commute to and fro for a while until you can get a new one.  

Obstruction of Walkway 

Again, in connection with the first point, when your car is obstructing the walkway you will most likely get your car towed. There is a reason why that walkway is put there it may be for safety purposes or to help give people easier access to a path and if you park your car in it, basically blocking that path. You are basically putting pedestrians in the line of danger without thought. That is why when you do block the path it will be towed away.  

Disabled Vehicles 

When your vehicle gets wonky on you, the only way to not cause a bigger traffic is to get it towed away. Of course, it is understandable that you don’t have any faults to that, so there really isn’t any violation on your part however, even if you don’t want it towed it will most probably will. It is necessary to avoid any more inconvenience to others motorist,  

Private Property Violation 

When you violated a private property, the owner can settle for your car getting towed. That is why you should be careful when parking your car just about anywhere or without the permission of the owner, because your car will be towed away without your permission too. They can do that, because essentially you parked in their car.  

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